Achieving a minimalist lifestyle

April 12, 2021

Pints with friends. Pints with family. Pints for the sake of pints. The overindulgence of the festive period is remedied by a call for a dry January and a healthier lifestyle.


DCU athlete signs for American university

April 6, 2021

DCU final year student Cormac Dalton has recently signed for the University of Tulsa, marking yet another tick off the long list of goals for the Mullingar man. ‘’I am so happy to get going,


Budget 2021 sees allocated for the Arts sector

April 1, 2021

A live entertainment support package and an increase in funding to the Arts Council were among the measures announced for the arts and entertainment sector during Budget 2021, a sector that has been one of


How Tiktok has changed the music industry

April 1, 2021

Ever since its release in 2019, Tiktok has had a massive impact on the way we look at videos. From celebrity impersonations to cooking videos, it’s quite easy to go viral within a few seconds.


What do our dreams mean?

April 1, 2021

Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre. They are an enduring source of mystery for scientists and psychological doctors.


Choose to challenge on International Women’s Day 2021

March 26, 2021

International Women’s Day is Monday 8th of March, with this year’s theme being #ChooseToChallenge. The aim is to challenge gender bias and inequality while still choosing to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements across the world.


Government votes against bill to abolish third-level fees

March 25, 2021

The bill was proposed by the government’s opposition party People Before Profit, to remove barriers to higher education by abolishing third-level fees so that everyone who wants to access higher education has the same chance. 


Women reign supreme at the 2021 Grammy Awards

March 24, 2021

Beyoncé broke the record for the most Grammys won, bringing her new total to 28 awards after Sunday night. This surpasses the record previously set by bluegrass singer, Alison Krauss.


Fans prove pivotal in sport

March 24, 2021

There’s an age-old saying that many singers, athletes, and general celebrities favour at awards ceremonies, on podiums, or in everyday life – “This is for my fans”.


Stretched to the last: the unheard voices on scoliosis waiting lists

March 24, 2021

While Covid-19 has changed how we live, and it has affected the general running of hospitals and plunged them under pressure, children are still waiting and their condition has not gone away at the foot of a global infection. Mountains have been moved over the course of this pandemic, this should be one of those mountains. 

National News

Eating Disorders: “There’s no set definition of recovery”

March 24, 2021

At the end of 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise. Scientists worked long and hard over the past year to develop a sufficient vaccine, and they succeeded. But as the pandemic is slowly regressing due to the vaccination rollout programme taking place across the world, there are still other deadly illnesses that cannot be deterred by vaccination immunity.