Lucky Girl Syndrome – a misunderstood mindset

March 1, 2023

Assignment deadlines mounting, your brain feels like it’s swelling as your head pounds, reminding you of your night of drinking from the evening before. Walking solemnly to a class, you dread knowing that this is


Alix Earle: The Rise To Fame

February 1, 2023

Alix Earle is the internet’s new “it girl” of the moment. The twenty two year old University of Miami student took TikTok by storm gaining 4 million followers since September of 2022.  Unlike most other


How Tiktok has changed the music industry

April 1, 2021

Ever since its release in 2019, Tiktok has had a massive impact on the way we look at videos. From celebrity impersonations to cooking videos, it’s quite easy to go viral within a few seconds.